Why This Site?

As teachers, we know all too well the narrative of education that is popularized in the media, in the world of entertainment, and too often in policy decisions.  And we also know how that depiction of teaching and learning  is quite different from what happens in our own classrooms.  Unfortunately, the staying power of that popular narrative overwhelms the thoughtful, innovative, and successful literacy education that we work so hard to implement every day.

This repeated narrative has devastating repercussions. A survey of nearly 11,000 teachers in Michigan calls out the demoralized feeling shared by too many.  And a report from the Learning Policy Institute speaks to the shortage of teachers in the US, due at least in part to the conditions teachers face.

We know that this narrative is not the true story of teachers and teaching. We, classroom teachers who experience the real world of schools, have another story to offer.  And when we work together to find smart, safe and savvy ways of helping others understand our collective story–the story from the front lines–we can begin to change that narrative.

This site is designed to help us do just that.

Welcome to this site and this work!