PREPARE: Action Principles Toolkit

Organizing is teaching.  Like any organizer, a teacher stirs curiosity and imagination, connects to people and what’s important to them, and teaches them how to acquire the capacity to pursue their inclinations and their imagination.  Organizing is getting people to understand the meaning of things and how the world works–and then acting cooperatively on that understanding.  – Ernesto Cortés

Teachers already have the natural inclination to be organizers. So how can we build upon that inclination to help change the public narrative about teachers and teaching? These 6 Action Principles will help you learn how to move from being a caring professional to an everyday advocate.


These Action Principles

  • are designed to give you some ways of thinking about advocacy but are not set rules or steps to be taken in a particular order.  The ideas offered here serve as a backdrop to your action plan:  some things to consider as you start on this journey.
  • grow from authentic concerns in your own settings.  The teachers you’ll meet each identified an issue about teaching and learning that impacted them, their work and their students; theycommitted to learning more about how to get that issue into the public eye; and they developed a plan to get there. Some of their actions have already led to big changes at their schools and some are just in the beginning stages.

We invite you to join the journey these teachers have taken and to think about how you too might transfer these principles to your own contexts.

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