For Professional Learning

Are you working in professional development and interested helping teachers become everyday advocates?

If you have 3 hours:

This short workshop, developed with NCTE and used to help Everyday Advocates at the 2016 NCTE convention facilitate their own workshops, offers participants a taste of this work, something that might whet their appetites to learn more.  Each part will take about one hour.

If you have 3 days:  

Offering a short intense advocacy workshop in the summer can prepare teachers with a thoughtful action plan they can put into practice in the academic year. And if the workshop is followed up with occasional support meetings, teachers can find a community to continue their work.

The Everyday Advocacy site works well as a resource for this kind of workshop. With references to readings, interactive prompts, and examples from other teachers who have done this work, the site provides the perfect backdrop.

Here’s one possible schedule for how the site might work:

Day 1

What does it mean to tell our stories? Why advocacy?
(A New Vision)

Day 2

How do we raise our voices as a community?
(Action Principles Toolkit with prompts)

Day 3

How do we create action plans?
(Action Plan with prompts)

  • Creating a plan
  • Sharing your plan with others

Share with us how you are using Everyday Advocacy in PD settings