Everyday Advocates: SAFE

Everyday Advocates understand how to make change in safe ways:

  • They’re aware that change does not happen overnight and are thoughtful about how to raise their voices in a way that not only preserves their jobs, but that keeps lines of communication open between them and decision makers.
  • They develop allies among peers, parents, and decision makers.
  • They keep these others informed about what the research says about teaching and invite them into conversations about how to create the best learning environments for students.
  • They both plan carefully and recognize those serendipitous moments that allow them to share their knowledge.

How to get there: Staying safe means knowing who has your back–whether it’s the support of others in your school or the support that professional organizations can give. Teachers who are members of organizations like The National Writing Project, the International Literacy AssociationNCTE, or state and regional affiliates of these organizations know where to turn for support, advice, and good ideas.  And specific programs like NCTE’s Intellectual Freedom Center can give you support when facing specific challenges.

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