On this site we offer an array of ideas about becoming an everyday advocate, including a toolkit of strategies for creating change in your local setting.  You’ll be guided by Cathy Fleischer, a professor of English education and Written Communication at Eastern Michigan University who has been working with teachers on advocacy issues for the past decade. You’ll also meet teachers who are working hard to create change, learn how they got started, and be introduced to specific strategies and tactics they used.

But most of all, we hope that reading, viewing and listening to the ideas and examples on this site—all teacher tested—will give you confidence that you too can join with other teachers in order to present a united and strong voice.

How to use this site: There is no quick fix to making change–especially if we want to make change that truly lasts.  And so as you make your way through the site, we recommend you spend time in all the parts:  to gain a background in advocacy and to learn some targeted ways to get at the change you want to make.

Welcome to this site and this work!